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At Engis® our mission is to help people and businesses improve productivity and profitability by bringing the Power of Superabrasive Finishing Systems to industry around the world.

No other company has the in-depth expertise in diamond characteristics nor the capability to engineer complete superabrasive finishing systems as the Engis Corporation.  We have the drive and the competitive spirit to not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

Engis has five primary product groups:

  • Precision superabrasive micron powders
  • Hyprez® precision flat lapping & polishing systems
  • Single-pass bore finishing systems
  • Electrogrip® electroplated diamond & CBN grinding products
  •  DiaMold® polishing products for the Mold & Die industry

Each Engis product group is backed by:

  • 70+ years of manufacturing experience
  • A significant commitment to research and development
  • Our professional design and engineering teams
  • Some of the best field sales support in the business

At the very core of the Engis Corporation is our "Systems Approach".  We not only offer quality products for sale, but we also provide complete solutions to our customers' application challenges.  For the Mold and Die polishing market this involves:

  • Diamond compounds as well as other polishing products
  • Rotary and reciprocating hand tools
  • Operator application assistance

Engis truly is a single source for all of your polishing needs.  We know that it is our customer service that will differentiate Engis from other suppliers.  Our total commitment to our customers means that we service everything we sell.  You can purchase from Engis knowing you will have complete factory support for technical questions and repairs.  And, to complete the package of total customer service, we have experienced tool and die makers on staff who can draw upon their own time on the bench to assist you with your polishing challenges or in selecting the right product. 

In summary, at Engis it is our intent to go beyond being just a provider of quality products, but to partner with our customers to provide the best possible finishes in the shortest amount of time at the lowest cost.