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Engis® - The World's Most Trusted Name in Diamond Compound

As a diamond micronizer and leader in precision diamond compound manufacturing since 1938, Engis is able to mill, shape and grade diamond particles with an expertise unmatched in the industry.  We combine 70+ years of experience with our knowledge of chemistry, compounding techniques and applications gained from hands-on bench experience.  It's no wonder mold and die polishers throughout North America, the Pacific Rim and Europe trust Engis for their diamond compounds.

Engis offers three formulations specifically for mold and die polishing:

  • Our world-renowned Five-Star® Diamond Compound is both oil and water soluble. It combines the excellent cutting characteristics of natural diamond with the durability of manufactured diamond for superior finishing capability.  Using Five-Star can eliminate steps in the polishing process.  You'll finish the job quicker and with a better end result.
  • Type SC diamond compound is our breakthrough formula which results in faster stock removal and fewer polishing steps leading to lower costs, improved productivity and better quality components.

  • Our DiaMold® diamond compound has been designed for the budget-minded finishing specialist who requires excellent quality on less demanding applications.

In addition, Engis has other standard formulations available for specialized applications - we'll even develop a custom compound to meet your unique requirements.  For specialized needs, just call customer service at 800.99.ENGIS.