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Ceramic Stones

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Ceramic Stones
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Super Ceramic Stones

Ceramic stones are incredibly flexible, but strong, thanks to their long ceramic fibers which are tightly bonded in a special resin matrix.  Our ceramic Super Stones offer the user the ability to stone-out tooling marks and EDM surface scale from tight rib slots, small corners and pockets where conventional vitrified stones might break. 

Super stones are flexible in their application and can be used in ultrasonic polishers, reciprocating profilers and by hand when used with a ceramic stone holder. 

One other major advantage of ceramic stones is that they can easily be shaped with grinding wheels, abrasive paper, diamond files or our Di-Flex diamond abrasive sheets. 

A wide variety of color coded grit sizes from 120 to 1200 are available.

  • High strength, resists breakage
  • Resists loading or clogging
  • Fast removal of fine burrs
  • High efficiency
  • Low heat generation
  • Variety of grits available
  • Uniform finishes
  • Efficient cleaning of EDM scale






Super Ceramic Stone Usage
⇒  Precision finishing of ribs, edges, etc., on dies and molds
⇒  No loading or clogging of the stone even on soft materials such as aluminum
⇒  Can be used in very narrow areas without the risk of breakage
⇒  Can be used on complex shapes where uniform finishing can be a challenge
⇒  Can be used by hand or with Diprofil reciprocating or rotary systems
1.  When using ceramic stones in a ultrasonic machine, it is always best to shorten the OAL down to only what is needed to get the job done; shorter is better in an ultrasonic machine.  The normal 4" length can be cut using the front side edge of a grinding or cutoff wheel.
2.  The ceramic fibers run the length of the stone so only the very end tip will be cutting, not the top, bottom or side edges.
3.  Using a small piece of Engis Di-Flex diamond sheet (grit 100/120) will redress the front cutting edge and reactivate the ultrasonic cutting action.