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DLE Diamond Machine Files - General Use

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DLE Diamond Machine Files - General Use
Micron Size
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DLE Diamond Machine Files

  • Long precision machine files for general use.   
  • Designed with a semi-flexible shank to obtain a good contact with the workpiece.
  • A range of shapes and micron sizes are available as well as a safe-sided design.
  • Low to medium stroke (2-4 mm). 
Shape Size (mm) Diamond Micron Particle Size
125/150 Micron 150/180 Micron
Standard Files
5 x 1 DLE-11-D151 DLE-11-D181
ø3 DLE-2-D151 DLE-2-D181
3.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 DLE-5-D151 DLE-5-D181
5 x 2 DLE-30-D151DLA11LD51 N/A
5 x 2 DLE-4-D151 N/A
2.5 x 2.5 DLE-6-D151 DLE-6-D181
Safe-Sided Files
5 x 2 DLE-1-D151 DLE-1-D181
5 x 2 DLE-3-D151 N/A