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Classic Tools

Classic Tools
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Diprofil® Classic Range of Reciprocating Polishing/Filing Tools - The Benchmark of Quality Tooling for Mold and Die Making for Many Years

The Classic Series is the original reciprocating filing tool designed as an efficient, fast, precise tooling system to replace tedious hand operations. Each tool is lightweight with sturdy construction, enabling operators to perform even delicate work on intricate parts with ease.  The Classic Series is easy to operate and performs operations such as filing, honing, polishing and lapping on both straight and curved surfaces.


(replaces FPC/R)

(replaces FPD/R)
Each model is fit with an ergonomic rubber sleeve for maximum operator control!        
Motor Flexible shaft with ball joint Flexible shaft with ball joint Air
Driver Key hole Square hole Lubricated compressed air
(57 psi)
Tool Holder ø6.4mm  ø6.4mm  ø6.4mm 
Stroke Length-Maximum 0-6mm  0-6mm 0-6mm
Stroke Length-Recommended 0.5-3mm  0.5-3mm 0.5-3mm
Speed-Maximum 8,000 rpm  8,000 rpm 8,000 rpm
It is important not to exceed the maximum tool input speed specified by the manufacturer.
Speed-Recommended 5,000-7,000 rpm 5,000-7,000 rpm 5,000-7,000 rpm
Weight 585 - 615 g 585 - 615 g 750 - 780 g
Noise <70 dbA @ 7,000 rpm <70 dbA @ 7,000 rpm  <70 dbA @ 7,000 rpm
Vibration 4 - 12 m/s2 4 - 12 m/s2  4 - 12 m/s2
Tools have been designed in accordance with ISO 28927-8 to minimize hand/arm vibration.
For further details see diagram and other information in the Operation Guide.

*Please note, when purchasing the FPH/R tool along with a flex-shaft motor, a 93.SQ square driveshaft will be needed.

**Please note, the FPL/R Air-Driven tool requires a HSLM quick coupling as well as a MFB Dipro-Fog lubricator.  The air motor is manufactured to a precise level of accuracy and requires lubricated and filtered air (to 5 microns) to assure trouble-free operation.