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Diprofil Lubricant

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Diprofil Lubricant
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Engis offers an assortment of Diprofil® lubricant solutions for your polishing and finishing tools, including oils and an inline air lubricator.


 FNAK Lubricant Oil for Diprofil® Tools
  • FNAK lubricant is specially formulated for use on external oil points on Diprofil hand tools.  
  • When used properly this oil will reduce wear and prolong the life of your Diprofil reciprocating polishing/filing machine.
  • PLEASE NOTE:  It is recommended that you read and follow the procedures outlined in the manufacturer's Operation Guide sent with each tool as they may require daily, as well as hourly, lubrication.
 MFAK Dipro-Fog Lubricant Oil for Diprofil ToolsHA-700 Mara 
  • The Dipro-Fog MFAK Oil is specially developed for the unique lubricating requirements of the Diprofil air-driven machines through the Dipro-Fog MFB Air Lubricator.  
 MFB Dipro-Fog In-Line Air Lubricator
  • When using any Diprofil air operated tool, the MFB In-Line Air Lubricator is  MUST  When using any Diprfo.   The MFB not only serves as a micro particle air filter, but keeps the pressure constant and the unit lubricated.
  • The MFB set includes tubing and a bottle of MFAK tool lubricant.
  • We also recommend ordering the HSLM quick release hose connector when using Diprofil air operated tools.
  • PLEASE NOTE:  If your shop air has heavy contamination of dirt, oil or water, it is advisable to add a larger pre-filter to reduce contamination to 5 micron.
Technical Data
  Max Primary Pressure 16 bar / 232 psi
  Max Capacity at 7 Bar 1200 l/min
  Hose Connection 7mm / .275"
  Secondary Pressure 0.5 - 10 bar / 7 - 145 lbs


 HSLM Quick Release Hose Connector
  • Each air-driven machine requires a HSLM quick coupling connector as well as a Dipro-Fog MFB lubricating device to ensure sufficent lubrication at all times.