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DLS Diamond Hand Files - Conical Type

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DLS Diamond Hand Files - Conical Type
Micron Size
Our price: $14.95

DLS Conical Diamond Hand Files

  • Specially recommended for EDM scale removal and other preparation of thin slots, e.g. after wire-EDM machining.
  • Total file length is approximately 170mm.
  • Set of DLS files is also available - Call 800.99.Engis for more details. 
Shape Size (mm) Diamond Micron Particle Size
38/45 Micron  63/75 Micron  90/106 Micron
4 x 2 N/A DLS-1-D76 N/A 
4 x 3 DLS-2-D46 DLS-2-D76 DLS-2-D107
  6 x 6 DLS-3-D46  DLS-3-D76 DLS-3-D107
  8 x 8 DLS-4-D46  DLS-4-D76 DLS-4-D107