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Minimo Anglon Systems

Minimo Anglon Systems
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Minimo® Anglon Systems

Anglon tools are offered with heavy duty 90° or 120° angled head designs suitable for grinding and polishing of both flat and curved surfaces, especially on those hard-to-reach internal surfaces.

Anglon tools offer quick and easy tool exchange - simply turn the collet release ring to lock or remove the tool.

Each tool features a built-in ON/OFF switch, two standard collets (3/32" & 1/8" ) and a quick and easy tool changing mechanism - no wrenches are required!

  Model M212A/E Medium Speed Tool with 120° Angle Head

  Model M112GA/E Low Speed Tool with 120° Angle Head

  Model M212RAD/E Medium Speed  Tool with 90° Angle Head

  Model M112GRAD/E Low Speed Tool with a 90° Angle Head


Anglon Specifications Model
M212A/E M112GA/E M212RAD/E M112GRAD/E
  Speed Medium speed Low speed
high torque
Medium speed Low speed
high torque
  Motor Model KM212 KM112G KM212 KM112G
  Head Model H231/E H231/E H221/E H221/E
  Hand Switch Color Green Yellow Green Yellow
  Speed Range RPM 1,500-15,000 630-6,300 1,500-15,000  620-6,200
  Input Voltage (DCV) 3-30 3-30 3-30 3-30
  No-load Current (DCA) 0.40 0.35 0.40 0.35
  Maximum Torque (cN.M) 5.9 9.8 5.9 9.8
  Weight (g) (not including cord) 395


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