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Minimo Mini-Belt Sander

Minimo Mini-Belt Sander
Mini-Belt Sander
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Minimo® BS312 Mini-Belt Sander

A handy type belt sander, equipped with ON/OFF SWITCH, that excels in deburring, grinding and polishing.

  • Flexibly addresses machining of small parts and objects of complicated shapes.
  • Built-in hand switch enables quick and easy ON/OFF operations.
  • Removable curled power cord makes storage convenient.
  • A large variety of sanding belts are available that are suitable for various materials including metals, ceramics, stone and wood. 
  • Quick and easy exchange of belts.
  • Optional belt arms are available, which allow you to extend the scope of applications. 
  • Call us at 800-993-6447 to obtain information regarding replacement belts and arms.
  • Can be used with all listed power packs, except P111.

            The main body is equipped with the belt arm H82 as standard; belts with a width of 6 or 8 mm can be used.  

            Requires C2112 Power Pack or VAD20 cable to use with old Power Pack.  

Model BS312 Mini-Belt Sander Specifications
  No-load Belt Speed (m/min) 49 - 2,700
  Input Voltage (DCV) 3-30 
  No-load Current (DCA) 0.3
  Carrbon Brush KE-580
  Weight (g) 440

 Examples of BS31 Mini-Belt Sander Applications