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Minimo Power Packs

Minimo Power Packs
Power Pack Model
Our price: $630.00

Minimo® One Series Ver. 2 Power Packs 


DC Power Pack
(Replaces C311 and C111)

Polytor Power Pack

(Replaces P211)
  • This high-end power pack includes new functions for maximizing the performance of Minitor handpieces.
  • The C2112 power pack indentifies the type of handpieces which are connected, indicates rotation speed and controls optimum torque.
  • Also compatible with the earlier handpieces which do not have the motor identification chip.  
  • Convenient digital display of output rate (%).
  • The P111 is equipped with a feedback feature to detect overloading.
  • Features an audible beep that lets you know when the handpiece is turned ON/OFF or when the tool is overloaded; this feature allows the handpiece to perform to its full capability without damaging itself or the power pack.

(2 Standard)

(Ultrasonic Only)

  Rated Input 60 VA 30 VA
  Input Voltage  AC115V ± 5%
(50/60 Hz)
AC115V ± 5%
(50/60 Hz)
 DC 1-30 V AC 80 VAC 
  Dimensions  144mm (W) x 218mm (D) x 116mm (H) 144mm (W) x 218mm (D) x 116mm (H)
  Weight 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg) 3.75 lbs (1.7 kg)

RM11 Rubber Cradle
CA11 Power Cord
PFU-2.0A Fuse

RM11 Rubber Cradle
  • Handpiece identification function - When the Ver. 2 handpiece is connected, the power pack identifies its motor type, indicates its rotation speed and controls optimum torque.
  • Digital display - Identifies a connected handpiece type, the power pack automatically selects its display type (rotation speed (x1000 min) or output rate (rate %).
  • Error code display function - Errors of power pack or handpiece are indicated as error code on the display.
  • Microcomputer control - The high-end microcomputer control identifies the connected handpiece type and manages its optimum output.
  • Rotation direction switch - Allows the user to change the rotation direction of a handpiece (forward or reverse).
  • LED load meter - Loaded condition in operation is displayed on LED meter.  Error is alerted by LED meter and sound when overloading.
  • External I/O signal control function is standard  - Input/output signals are available from the foot switch socket located on the back of the power pack. 
  • Foot switch holding function (when using the V301 foot switch) - Rotation speed set by the variable foot switch can be maintained by pressing the hand switch. 
  • NEW BRAKING SYSTEM - Quick braking system stops the handpiece immediately. In addition, the system can quickly change rotation speed shifting from high to low speed.