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Minimo Recipron Systems

Minimo Recipron Systems
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Minimo® Recipron Systems

The Recipron handpiece generates a reciprocating stroke, ideal for filing, lapping, stoning, polishing and scraping operations. Comfortable hand fitting pistol grip with a built-in ON/OFF switch provides greater processing accuracy. The Recipron's smooth vibration-free operation eliminates operator fatigue.

  • Slim and smooth body shape allows more accurate processing.
  • The toolholder offers two modes of operation.  It can be locked at a specified position or unlocked and allowed to rotate freely together with the reciprocating movement allowing the tool to follow the contours of the part.
  • Built-in ON/OFF switch.
  • 2 models to choose from.
  • Both models will accomodate tools with shank size from 5/64"-1/4" diameters.    
  • Requires new C2112 Power Pack or VAD20 cable to use with old Power Pack
Model RE112

The Hand Switch is standard equipment on the pistol-shaped handpiece.  To ensure manipulations by the fingertip only, the switch is recessed at a position on the grip where you can easily use it.

  • Stroke-oriented type.
  • Appropriate with shaft size 2.0 - 6.35 mm diameters.
Model RE212
  • Speed-oriented type
  • Appropriate tools with shank size 2.0 - 6.35mm diameters.


RE112 RE212
  Stroke (m/min) 0-8 0-2
  Speed range (times/min) 260-3,500 460-7,000
  Input Voltage (DCV) 3-30 3-30
  No-load Current (DCA) 0.3 0.35
 Diameter of Mountable Shafts (mm) 2.0-6.35 2.0-6.35
  Carbon Brush KE-580 KE-580
  Weight (g) 790 783

Examples of Recipron Applications