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Minimo Rotary Handpieces - Standard

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Minimo Rotary Handpieces - Standard
Our price: $808.25

Minimo® Standard Rotary Handpieces

The Minimo One Handpieces are designed to provide the user with unsurpassed versatility with its quick-change HO11/E Standard Head options. Minimo heads and motors have matching threads which make changing a straight tool to a 90 degree tool a very simple process. Tool change is a 1/4 turn process without the need of a special wrench or spanners.

Each motor has an On/Off switch on its side for one-hand operation.

3/32" and 1/8" collets are standard with each handpiece. Seven other collets sizes are available and sold separately.

Model V112H - Utra-High Speed Type


Especially effective for small diameter tools.

Head Model - H011         Motor Model - KV112H

Model V212H - High Speed Type


High speed, medium size with slightly larger torque than V112H

Head Model - H011         Motor Model - KV212H

Model M112H - High Speed Type


Slim and compact size providing high speed.

Head Model - H011         Motor Model - KM112H
Model M212H - High Speed Type


High speed/high torque for general purposes.

Head Model - H011         Motor Model - KM212H
Model V212 - Medium Speed Type


Medium size with medium torque/medium speed.

Head Model - H011         Motor Model - KV212
Model M112 - Medium Speed Type


Compact size and medium speed, suitable for precise, light processing.

Head Model - H011         Motor Model - KM112
Model M212 - Medium Speed Type



High torque/medium speed.

Head Model - H011         Motor Model - KM212
Model M112G - Low Speed Gear Type

Built-in gear mechanism provides ultra-low
speed and ultra-high torque.

Head Model - H011         Motor Model - KM212G


Each of the handpieces shown above require Power Pack C2112 or VAD20 cable to use with old Power Pack