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Minimo Rubron System

Minimo Rubron System
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Minimo® Rubron System 

The Rubron is a unique handpiece with lateral (side-to-side) movement adjustable up to 1.6mm, ideal for finishing narrow slots and grooves, as well as deep recesses where precise control is needed.

The Rubron has a tapered tool-holder nose to facilitate work in hard-to-reach areas.

The V-shaped tool holder chuck mounts shank sizes from 1.5 to 4.7mm shafts.

The motor has a built-in ON/OFF switch for easy one-hand operation and is powered by C2112 Power Pack (or use VAD20 cable with old Power Pack)

 M212LRV Rubron Technical Data
Frequency (times/min)  800-8,000
 Head Amplitude (mm)  0 - 1.6
Tool Shank Diameters (mm)  1.5 - 4.7
 Input Voltage (DCV)  3 - 30
 No-load Current (DCA)  0.25
 Maximum Torque (cn-M)  6.9
 Hand Switch Color  Black
Weight (g) 307
Note: The amplitude depends on the length of the tool used.

Examples of Rubron Applications