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Type SC Diamond Compound

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Type SC Diamond Compound
Micron Size
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SC Compound Gets the Job Done Quicker

Hyprez® SC diamond compound has been specifically formulated with the polishing professional in mind.  In the past, a compound that cut quickly might leave a dull finish, resulting in additional finishing steps to massage the mold back to its original state.  Any time saved on the front end was lost in the final polish; to address this challenge the engineers at Engis have developed SC diamond compound.  This breakthrough formula results in faster stock removal and few polishing steps which lead to lower costs, improved productivity and better quality components.

  • New sharper diamond particles
  • Optimized particle size distribution
  • New carrier with superior lubricant qualities
  • Better adhesion to the felt or wood bob
  • Not 'greasy' like standard compounds
  • Easier to view the workpiece while polishing
  • Higher vaporization point

An exceptionally sharp diamond particle type has been selected and the PSD (particle size distribution) optimized for superior cutting action.  In addition, the chemists at Engis have formulated a new carrier with special lubricating properties which enhance the cut rate without sacrificing finish.  Taking into consideration that larger molds must often be polished in the molding press, the carrier has a high vaporization point, which permit working on molds which have not yet cooled.

Before and After photos of an A2 component finished with 3 micron
SC compound on a felt wheel